Dynamo 245


The Dynamo 245 is a 24-volt 5kWh floor-standing battery

6000 Cycles

Smart BMS, compatible with 95% mainstream inverters including:
SunSynk RS485
Voltronic RS485

10-year warranty on cells
A-grade barcoded cells

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The Dynamo 245 is our entry level Lithium-ion/Lithium-iron (LiFePO4) battery. It is a 24-volt 5kWh floor-standing system, perfectly matched to a small installation using our 3500 Watt, 24 Volt inverter range as a response to load shedding.  It can be linked in series (max 2) to reach 48V and 10kWh in a shorter form factor than the Dynamo 2410. 

The cells are A-Grade Energy Storage System prismatic cells from one of the world leaders in Lithium-iron prismatic cells. These cells are computer matched for the longest life. The intelligent BMS communicate with 95% of the world inverters and balances the cells throughout their life. 

The shell is made of a high-Quality Aluminium Magnesium alloy and is anti-corrosive and durable. It is dustproof and designed to last many years. A use-case for the battery would be 2000W of throughput for 2.5 hours (for example load shedding stages 1-5) and recharging in less than 2 hours. Another use-case would be 1200W of throughput for 4 hours (for example load shedding stage 6+), also recharging in less than 2 hours. Used in this way, the battery will last for more than 6000 cycles, has a 10-year warranty (manufacturer-guaranteed grade-A barcoded cells).

Nominal Capacity 200Ah
Nominal Voltage 24V (25.6V)
Electricity(kWh) 5.120kWh
Full Charge Voltage 28V-30V
Maximum Charging Voltage 45V
Input Voltage Range 30V-50V
Continuously Use Input Current 100A
Maximum Solar Panel Input Current 100A
Continuously Use Output Current 100A
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 19V-24V
Over-Discharge Delay Protection 1000ms
Short Circuit Protection Delay 300us
Short Circuit Protection Recovery Disconnect load
Cell type LiFePO4 Battery/LFP Barcoded Grade-A Cells
Storage temperature range Short-Term -20℃-40℃ (Within 1 month) Long-term 10℃-35℃ (Within 1 year)
Operating temperature range -15℃-60℃
Recommended temperature range 10℃-40℃
Self-Discharge (25°) <3%/Month
Depth of discharge >80%
C-rate Discharge <0.8C
Cycle Life >6000Time(<0.5C)
Certification Standards UN38.3/CE/MSDS/DGM
Warranty 5 years on hardware, 10 years on cells
Communication RS485
Product Size 614±2×507±2×212±2mm
Packaging Size 668±2×645±2×713±2mm

Load Shredder Dynamo 245 Specifications Document

1. The following is a formal warranty policy for the Load Shredder Lithium-ion batteries and accessory components sold by Load Shredder Pty Ltd. to end-users through authorized resellers:

2. Purpose:
a. This Warranty serves to clearly define the matters related to the warranty policy of Products.

3. Warranty Condition:
a. Warranty Period:
i. The Performance Warranty for the Products is valid for 10 years from the initial installation date (the “Term of Performance Warranty”).

b. Limitation of Warranty Scope:
i. Load Shredder’s liability under this Warranty is limited to replacement, repair, refund, and compensation should the device not have a replaceable unit. Replaced or repaired Products shall be warranted for the remainder of the original Term of Performance Warranty. In any event, the replacement shall not justify the renewal of the Term of Performance Warranty.

4. Exclusion of Warranty:
i. Damage to the Products resulting from any of the following activities is not covered by this Limited Warranty:
1. Improper transportation, storage, installation, or wiring by Buyer.
2. Modification, alteration, disassembly, repair, or replacement by someone other than personnel certified by Load Shredder.
3. Noncompliance with Load Shredder’s official installation manual.
4. External influences, including unusual physical or electrical stress (power failure surges, inrush current, lightning, flood, fire, accidental breakage, etc.).
5. Use of an incompatible inverter, rectifier, or PCS.
6. Excessive over-charge or under-discharge of the battery cells. For over-charge (4.4V) and for under-discharge (1.8V). Above or below these thresholds, the cells are deemed permanently damaged.
7. Lack of a Department of Labour certificate on the installation in which the battery and inverter systems are used.

5. Performance Warranty (Standard):
i. Load Shredder warrants and represents that the Product retains at least 60% of Nominal Energy for either 10 years after the date of the initial purchase or for 6000 cycles when the battery system is operated under normal use following the specification and the manual provided by Load Shredder.
ii. The precondition of the valid 10-year Performance Warranty shall be as follows:
1. The ambient temperature during the operation of the Products must not fall below -10°C or exceed 45°C.

6. Out of Warranty Policy:
a. Products damage that is not caused by the seller, Load Shredder, shall provide a charged service, including all expenses such as material cost, labour cost, warehouse cost, transportation cost, customs duties, analysis cost, management cost, corporate profits, disposal expense (if necessary), and so on.

This warranty policy is subject to the South African Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and the South African Consumer Goods and Services Ombudsman (CGSO), and any disputes arising out of or in connection with this policy shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the South African courts.

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