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“We are overjoyed with our decision to invest in the Loadshredder 5kw/10kwh bundle! From the moment it arrived, we were captivated by its impeccable performance. Not only are the appliances sleek and stylish, but they also function flawlessly, just as promised. We cannot express enough gratitude for this remarkable product and would wholeheartedly endorse it to anyone seeking a phenomenal energy solution. Thank you LoadShredder for providing us with such an outstanding experience.”

– SE

“We couldn’t be happier since we installed the Loadshredder Battery system and inverter! As pensioners, load shedding used to be a constant source of stress for us. But now, thanks to this incredibly cost-effective solution and our solar panels, our lives have been transformed into a dream-like state. It’s remarkable how we don’t even notice the power outages anymore. We are truly grateful for this excellent product and the positive impact it has had on our lives.”

– M & J

Age: 71 years

Number of occupants living with you:  3

What alternate power solution have you installed to cope with power outages and load shedding? (e.g., generator, solar panels, battery backup):  Load Shredder battery back up and solar panels

How long have you been using this alternate power solution?  About 6 months

What motivated you to install an alternate power solution? (Please select all that apply)

Comfort, convenience & security during outages
Protection of electrical appliances
Saving costs on electricity bills
Wireless connectivity for the grandkids
Other (please specify):  Access to internet and lights, being able to keep our fridge and freezer operational and protect food and also not to be frustrated when load shedding kicks in

Has having a load shedding solution enabled you to enjoy your retirement? Could you explain why?
I don’t need to worry when there is no power, I live my normal life. I am not stressing

How satisfied are you with the performance of your alternate power solution in terms of reliability during power outages?
Very satisfied, no problems or issues. It has been wonderful since it came into our home

Have you faced any challenges or difficulties in operating or maintaining your alternate power solution?
No problems at all

Have you noticed any changes in your electricity bills since installing the alternate power solution?
No significant change as yet, as we have a solar geyser

How would you rate the affordability of the alternate power solution you have installed?
Very affordable

Would you recommend installing alternate power solutions to other pensioners facing power outages and load shedding?Yes, definitely  – it creates a safer environment, when they have access to lights in their rooms, and can relieve the stress of not being able to look after their food in their fridges and freezers.

Also their garage door batteries are maintained and don’t go flat.

They can also keep their phones charged,  and so be able to maintain contact with their family especially if there is an emergency. Can also keep their hearing aids charged.

They are also able to relax and watch television, and play on their computers.

Is there any additional information or suggestions you would like to provide regarding alternate power solutions?
Thank you for this questionnaire, and thank you for your initiative to create an alternative power that has helped us to be at peace during these power outages and load shedding.

“My daily life stress has dissipated with the LoadShredder installation- I am often required to send patients scripts and forms after hours and would freeze when loadshedding caused my systems to fail .

The 8 kw inverter coupled with 10 kw battery affords a seamless switchover where all office and appliances work – even our Bibo water dispenser – hot and cold !!”

– Dr. SS

“I cannot express the relief I feel now that load shedding is a thing of the past for me. The installation of the Loadshredder battery and inverter in my lounge has been a game-changer. Not only does it seamlessly blend in with my everyday appliances, but it has also effortlessly resolved all my power-related issues. I can now work on all my computers without any interruptions, and even amidst the water problems in KZN, I can rely on it to run my JoJo tank. It’s a perfect fit for my budget too. Thank you for providing such a perfect solution!”


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