Corporate & Industrial Battery and Energy Storage System

C&I PV + Battery Energy Storage System

In the Energy Bank commercial energy storage system, long-life battery cells, new BMS control methods, high performance PCS, intelligent temperature control system, and active fire control system are integrated into the standardized outdoor cabinets. Energy Bank is designed with the concept of completely independent electrical and battery components spaces, to enhance the reliability of system temperature control and fire safety protection.

The product is applied in various application scenarios, such as peak cut, new energy consumption, dynamic expansion, and low voltage control of power grid.

ModelEnergy BankEnergy BankEnergy Bank
AC(Grid tied)
Apparent Power33kVA66kVA110kVA
Rated Power30kW60kW100kW
Rated Voltage400V
Rated Current43A87A144A
Voltage Range360V~440V
Rated Frequency50/60Hz
Power Facto0.8 leading~0.8 lagging
AC mode3/N/PE
Overload capability110%10minutes,120%1min
Battery Voltage Range313V~403V313V~403V672V~864V
Battery capacity100.35kWh100.35kWh215.04kWh
Max. Charging Power30kW30kW100kW
Max. Discharging Power30kW30kW100kW
Max. Charging Current100A140A140A
Max. Discharging Curretn100A140A140A
Basic parameters
IP protection levelIP54
Fire protectionCF3CHFCF3
CoolingForced air+ Smart AC
Operating Temperature-25℃~+55℃
Relative Humidity0~95%, without condensation
Max. Altitude4000m(>2000m derating)
DisplayTouch Screen

Energy Storage Power Supply

The energy storage power supply is a series product developed for micro businesses and client groups with low load power. According to the power required by the clients, we may choose energy storage power supply of 10kW/20kWh, 20kW/40kWh or 30kW/60kWh; The power supply can be adjusted and the number of connected units can be added according to the load of the client, with no need for replacing the energy storage power supply, and it supports on/off-grid operation, to meet the requirements for dynamic capacity expansion, peak cut, off-grid power supply and other application scenarios.

AC on-grid parameter
Rated power10KW20KW30KW
Input typeThree-phase five-wire system
Voltage range380Vac ± 15%
Current range15A30A45A
Frequency range50/60Hz ± 5Hz
AC off-grid parameter
Voltage range380Vac ± 15%
Voltage accuracy≤1%
Output frequency50/60Hz ± 5Hz
Battery side parameter
Battery capacity23.04kWh40.32kWh63.36KWh
Battery typelithium iron phosphate (Li-IP)lithium iron phosphate (Li-IP)lithium iron phosphate (Li-IP)
Rated voltage153.6V268.8V422.4
Voltage range134.4V~172.8V235.2V ~ 302.4V369.6V ~ 475.2V
Basic characteristics
Cooling modeAir cooling + intelligent air conditioning
Fire protectionAvailable
Intelligent monitoring platformAvailable
Switching time of on-grid and off-grid≤10ms
Peak efficiency91.00%
Protection featureOvervoltage/undervoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature/low temperature, islanding, too high/too low SOC, low insulation impedance, short circuit protection, etc.
Operating temperature-20°C ~ +45°C
Relative humidity≤95% RH, with no condensation
Altitude4,000m (derating above 2,000m)
Protection gradeIP54
Communication modeEthernet, RS485, 4G
Overall dimensions800mm × 1,000mm × 1,600mm1,200mm × 1,000mm × 1,800mm1,200mm × 1,000mm × 2,200mm
WeightApprox. 700KgApprox. 1,000KgApprox. 1,500Kg
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