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At Load Shredder, not only are we resellers, but we also work with industry-leading manufacturers to provide the South African market with innovative products that are designed with the needs of consumers and load shedding in mind. 

Internationally available products may not all be designed for load shedding. This is because batteries, for example, must be designed to run systems on a fixed schedule for a long period of time. In addition, they must have short recharge cycles. Here is where our innovation comes into play. 

In terms of portable power, the market is currently dominated by devices designed for camping and 4×4 adventures, which are thought of here to be continuous powered devices. In order to ensure the quality of our products, we encourage you to check the cycles achieved on all of our devices. These are all powered by the Lithium Prismatic cell and our Solid State Battery technology, creating products with exceptional reliability and durability. 

Our leading batteries feature computer-matched cells, which further enhance their performance and reliability. Assuring a balanced battery pack by matching the internal chemistry of the cell. 

As a result, we at Load Shredder are confident that the quality of our products will far exceed our customers’ expectations. 

We are in the process of creating a network of highly skilled and certified installation electricians who are experts in professionally installing our power solutions with utmost safety and security. We have already forged strong relationships with master electricians specializing in high voltage installations, as well as standard voltage electrical installers to cater to your diverse needs.

Furthermore, we offer comprehensive consultation services for the installation of solar solutions on rooftops, car parks, malls, and large-scale solar parks.

If you wish to collaborate with us and join our esteemed network, please register here.

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