Commercial Energy Solutions


The answer to permanent internet uptime. This mini-UPS, designed for use with Fibre CPE and Wireless Router, is perfect for data centres and office environments with multiple fibre access points.


A Lithium Solid State battery. This product serves as a replacement for lead-acid batteries, able to provide a lithium solution without the need to change any of the parent hardware.


An Asynchronous Lithium Solid State battery 52V designed for use  in remote locations with inadequate cooling and harsh conditions, such as mines. This enterprise level energy storage system is the answer to large energy budget rack-mounted requirements.


An Asynchronous Lithium Solid State battery 52V with a custom designed chassis (longer lead time). The Bastion100 features a 20nm coating to protect against the alkaline environment of a cement bunker.

Corporate & Industrial Battery and Energy Storage System

In the Energy Bank commercial energy storage system, long-life battery cells, new BMS control methods, high performance PCS, intelligent temperature control system, and active fire control system are integrated into the standardized outdoor cabinets.

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